Welcome to the 1000-year-jubilee for the Christian Laws of Norway

In 2024 we celebrate the 1000-year-jubilee of the first Christian Laws of Norway. These laws were introduced by King Olaf Haraldsson (later exalted to Norway’s patron saint) and Bishop Grimkjell at Mostratinget in 1024. Mostratinget is situated in today’s Mosterhamn in Bømlo municipality in Western Norway.

The introduction of these Christian Laws began an extensive and radical social upheaval - "from a society of power to a society of law". It marked the beginning of a new era, with a stronger consideration for the people and the legal protection of individuals. In our modern society, we still see traces of these Christian Laws, which have been both a fundament for developing the Church of Norway and contributed to the shaping of the Norwegian legal system. In this perspective, Mostratinget 1024 was an important event that started significant change processes in Norway, which is why we celebrate this as a national jubilee for Norwegian laws.

The 1000-year-jubilee will illuminate the values of our modern Norwegian society, garnering broad attention and reflection and encouraging extensive and diverse involvement. With history as a foundation, we want to discuss how the future can best be influenced - "celebrate the past - shape the future". In these dialogues, the jubilee aims mainly at involving young target groups.  

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”Generation Corona” – Life in the time of Corona

A documentary project by Moster 2024.

During the spring of 2020 life took a sudden turn. The Corona virus emerged and it has brought huge consequences on the world. With no vaccine on the market, we must protect ourselves and our communities with other measures. Infection control with distance, face masks isolation, quarantine, and digital socializing makes a different life for most of us. Especially for young people with a greater need of a social life. How has this affected us as human beings? What is it like to be young with this extraordinary situation? What sides to our personality do we reveal? How has this affected us as individuals and as a community.

With the Corona pandemic as a backdrop, it is Moster 2024’s intention to get insight into young peoples’ lives in this state of lockdown. We invite all young people from 13 to 19 years of age to tell their stories in short films, with maximum length of two minutes. The stories can be expressed in different ways, as a monologue direct to the camera, or it can be a short scene staged together with a friend. The contribution can be without words, expressed through music, dance or other expressions. During the autumn, all contributions will be put together into a documentary film about the situation of 2020. The documentary will be shown to the public.

We hope you can use your thoughts and reflections on what it is like to be young in the time of Corona make it into a small film! Moster 2024 is available for counseling concerning script and technical solutions. Some contributions will be rewarded, and all participants will be part of a collective reward.

If you want to participate, please contact us at post@moster2024.no

The deadline is the 1st of April 2021!

Moster 2024 - the 1000th jubilee for the Christian laws of Norway

In the year 2024 we celebrate the 1000th jubilee for the Christian laws of Norway.

It was King Olaf Haraldsson, later exalted to Norway’s patron saint, who adopted these Christian laws to Norway, and through this introduced radical changes to the country. The jubilee’s purpose is to contextualize the great social changes that started with this event. The jubilee’s activities will focus on the values that our society is funded on, both historically and in the present. Our work will be centered on these relevant topics, "Freedom", "Legal protection" and "Equality".